“Live at Glenn Miller Café voted: 2nd best album of the year 2012″
Niels Overgaard, JazzNyt.blogspot.dk (DK)

“…done with such powerful aplomb that even the audience members who usually talk throughout
the bass introductions, are quiet by the finale(s)…”
- Ken Waxman, Jazzword.com (CA)

“…The musician’s excellent interplay is perfected after many years of interaction. It gives them the
freedom to take the music out to extreme forms, which in return ensures the music its edge…”
- Jouko Kirstilä, Jazzrytmit (FI)

“…Some of the coolest innovative piano trio jazz I have heard for a long time…”
- Henrik Kaldahl, Jazznet.dk (DK)

“Like a bicycle crash, without a bicycle.” 
- Niels Overgaard, JazzNyt.blogspot.dk (DK)

“…Blipp, blopp, klick, duns…Bang, gnissel, fräs…”
- Max Lindahl, Lira Musikmagsin (SE)